Thursday, April 16, 2009

U.S. Wrong on Somalia; Center Will Soon Appoint an Attorney for Somali Pirate in U.S. Custody

/PRNewswire / -- The Somali Justice Advocacy Center expresses a great deal of concern over the current U.S. policy in effect towards Somalia. The current geopolitical situation involving U.S. policy towards Somalia is one of abandonment.

The consequences of the absence of the Wilsonian idealism which American policy has stood for, and the continuation of a policy of non-engagement has clearly become catastrophic. This failed U.S. policy has led to factions that proliferate and strive while Al Qaeda is now shifting and controlling most of the southern Somalia.

Somali Justice Advocacy Center furthermore expresses a concern over recent U.S. and French deadly military action against the pirates. This endangered the lives of many other hostages in Somalia. The Center is involved in talks to release a Nigerian ship with ten crewmen who are now hostages in Somalia.

The pirates in Somalia are currently holding more than 200 hostages along the coastline and more on their ships.

Somali Justice Advocacy Center appeals to the international community to pay close attention to the plight of the Somali people and help the reinstitution of minimum law and order in the country. Somali Justice Advocacy Center will soon appoint a lawyer to the surviving pirate now in U.S. custody. The Center finds the idea of persecuting a Somali pirate in U.S. courts odd and illegal in strict accordance with international law. The Center furthermore believes the agreement between U.S. and Kenya to persecute Somali pirates in the Kenyan judicial system should be null and void. The Center asks the U.S. to hand over the Somali pirate to the Puntland administration in Somalia.

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