Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heritage Foundation: North Korea Positions Missile on Launch Pad

The North Koreans are expected to launch a long range ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States some time during the next week. North Korea's actions indicate that America's enemies are working as diligently as ever to advance and test their ballistic missile capabilities. In response, America must continue to develop and enhance our ballistic missile defenses to counter this devastating threat.

The truth is brutal -- a missile launched from North Korea would take 33 minutes or less to hit the U.S.

33 Minutes, produced by The Heritage Foundation, opens our eyes to the reality that, many years after 9/11, Americans still remain vulnerable to a missile attack. Shot in high definition, 33 Minutes features breathtaking and dramatic footage as well as exclusive interviews with world leaders including Lady Margaret Thatcher, Attorney General Edwin Meese and others.
33 Minutes is your go to source to better understand the threats our enemies pose and what we need to do now to protect America. 33 Minutes on WTIC-AM Hartford!

Heads-up Connecticut! Don’t miss Heritage Foundation national security expert Peter Brookes on WTIC in Hartford this Friday, April 3rd, from 9-12 AM. Peter will be discussing 33 Minutes and the latest on missile defense. Be sure to tune in!

33 Minutes in your hometown!

Go to to see a full list of upcoming screenings. Don't see a screening in your hometown? Host your own! Go to for details.

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