Friday, February 19, 2010

Austin Plane Attacker Not a 'Terrorist'? Of Course He is, He's a Domestic Terrorist says Former White House Staffer Robert Weiner

/PRNewswire/ -- Experts and federal reports today are saying that the Austin airplane bomber of the U.S. tax building is not a "terrorist" and that "terrorism" is not involved.

"Of course he's a terrorist and it was terrorism," says Robert Weiner, former spokesman for the White House National Drug Policy office and the U.S. House Government Operations Committee. "He's a domestic terrorist. He wrote a confirmed suicide note saying he was mad at his tax bill, the national health care stalemate, and the bailout helping corporations and not people. He opposed the government and our laws, and flew a plane into a federal building to make his point. If that's not terrorism, what is?" Weiner asked.

"It's as though experts are expressing a sigh of relief because he's not al Qaeda. It's actually worse, he's one of ours, homegrown. Homegrown terrorism is an equal or even bigger threat than al Qaeda - consider Oklahoma City, Virginia Tech, Columbine, and now today's actions. The fact that he's our extremist nut instead of al Qaeda's does not stop him from being labeled a terrorist," Weiner concluded.

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