Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Members of the European Parliament Highlight Their View About Obama's Increase of Troops in Afghanistan

/PRNewswire/ -- Members of the European Parliament attentively followed the unfolding of the latest surge strategy for Afghanistan by President Barack Obama and issued a letter stating their apprehension about increasing the number of American Troops and sought additional forces from NATO allies. They question how an operation ending in 2011 can achieve to eradicate Al Qaeda, when the current operation, which has so far lasted over eight years, has till date seized to reach this aim.

The most prudent strategy that the US and its allies need to follow is not to set deadlines to withdraw but rather to make it very clear to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups that have enjoyed operating from the region, that no withdrawal will take place until these groups and their activities have been completely militarily neutralized. This is the message that must be sent not only to the extremist groups directly but also to those within Pakistan's establishment, who continue to support and sympathize with such radical, islamic organizations. Should NATO leave in 2011, these groups would feel victorious and in their newfound euphoria would once again escalate violent activities. Especially neighbouring India would again be singled out as the primary target.

The urge of those in Europe, who are committed to democracy and human rights and have campaigned against international terrorism are extremely concerned and worried that hasty decisions defined by domestic policies, electoral calculations and set timelines would undo whatever has been achieved so far and at great price in terms of financial cost and, more importantly, loss of life, in the war against terror. They urged the US Government and the Heads of Government of the other involved NATO countries and other world leaders of democratic nations, to re-evaluate the enormous dangers that a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan would pose for the security and stability of the region surrounding Afghanistan and the rest of the world. They must live up to their commitment to rid the world of international terrorism, irrespective of how long it might take and however unpopular the conflict might be at home.

Signed and Supported by
Dr. Charles Tannock
Member of the European Parliament

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