Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bauer Calls Plans to Release Terrorist in the U.S. 'An Outrage...Confirming Our Worst Fears'

/PRNewswire/ -- Former presidential candidate Gary L. Bauer on Thursday expressed shock and outrage over the Obama Administration's admission that it is considering releasing terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay into the United States.

Responding to comments by Attorney General Eric Holder, Bauer, President of American Values said, "The first obligation of the government is to keep Americans safe. How can releasing enemy combatants, picked up on foreign battlefields, into American neighborhoods possibly safeguard our security?

"In recent days, there have been reports of missing American Somalis leading to active FBI investigations about jihad recruitment in several major American cities. It is unconscionable that this administration would even entertain the idea of adding to that problem by importing terrorist suspects from GITMO.

"For a president who likes to emulate Franklin Roosevelt on economic policy, I wish he would model Roosevelt on national security policy too. Nazi spies captured in this country and accused of plotting acts of terrorism were tried in military tribunals and executed in a matter of weeks. Our goal in World War II was victory. Our demand was unconditional surrender, not more negotiations and diplomacy with our enemies."

"Americans were concerned when President Obama ordered GITMO closed without any plan for the thugs currently detained there. We were rightly outraged when the Obama Administration followed that up by dropping the charges against the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing, which killed 17 American sailors. Sadly, Attorney General Holder has just confirmed our worst fears."

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